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METAdrasi under the 2011 Annual Program of the European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants (EIF), co-financed by the EIF (75%) and the Interior Ministry (25%), with the cooperation of its partners, implemented the Action “Creation of a Digital Dictionary in 5 Languages”: Albanian, Arabic, Georgian, Urdu-Punjabi and Russian.The “Learn Greek” dictionary is a useful learning tool for those who have just started learning Greek, and also for those who have basic Greek language skills that require support to improve their vocabulary. The Digital Platform includes: a) Search words with reverse translation (approximately 6100 entries), with phonetic and grammar interfaces, b) Theory grammar tables, examples and exercises c) 18 dialogues based on everyday situations (travel, transportation, shopping, housing, work, education, health, public services.) with animated illustrations, exercises and vocabulary, d)Self-assessment tests. This material is not intended to be a substitute to the program of systematic teaching-learning of the Greek language, but as a supportive learning tool. The aim of the dictionary is to facilitate linguistic communication and the understanding of the Greek language through useful examples and representations of scenes covering a wide range of daily activities.

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